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The technology was further developed and developing so rapidly innovate constantly popping up. These new innovations make work human beings ...

The technology was further developed and developing so rapidly innovate constantly popping up. These new innovations make work human beings increasingly facilitated and lighter.
On this occasion, I will discuss one of the latest innovations in technology support blockchain which make everything transparent and can be seen by anyone.
The project is the project Votem to conduct voting online at the level of verifiability, accessibility, security, and transparency. Below we will explain more details about Votem.


Vast Token and CastIron Platform allows the community, residents, organizations around the world to conduct voting or voting online at the level of verifiability, accessibility, security, and transparency. Vast Token and associated Platform increases the efficacy of voting by ensuring the integrity of the voting process, the confidentiality of the voter's choice, and the validity of the results for the election of both private and public sector.

• Vast Token
Vast Token is the EIP-20 digital compliant tokens issued by Votem Corp. and named after the four essential elements of a voting system (Verifiability, accessibility, security, transparency). This token allows the individual or organization secure access to CastIron platform and features to successfully operate the election and additional activities.

• Castlron Platform
The sound of our mobile platform, CastIron ™, provides the functionality of the application to run the election. Combining advanced mobile capability and personal blockchain
the framework, with additional public sidechains for verification, use the anonymizing technology scheme of voters and mathematical proof verifiability, all powered by a large signs

• Proof of Vote-End-to-End Verifiable Voting Protocol (E2EVIV)
Votem's soundproof General Protocol aiming to provide undeniable evidence of a legitimate ballot results being thrown and counted as intended and supported by users and third-party validation for the sake of the voters and the body the administration of the election and their interested parties

There are four essential elements of a voting system, electronic or otherwise, that must be supplied to ensure a fair and free election that creates trust in the voice-Verifiability, accessibility, security, and transparency. This goal is consistent denganThe of the U.S. Voluntary Voting System Guidelines (VVSG) and of the Committee of experts on the law of the European Union, operational and technical standards for e-voting (CAHVE) CM/Rec (2017) 5.

• Verifiability
Through a combination of digital reception and public bulletins, simply verify the published data so that voters can make sure that their voices the character counter acted as intended, then counted as players, that there is no sound missing or modified, and that the votes counted correctly all without compromising voter anonymity. This idea is End-to-End Verifiability (E2E-VIV), when coupled with blockchain, creates the undeniable digital chain of custody provides cryptographic evidence that election integrity is maintained and the count is correct. In short, with the appropriate application blockchain technology, you don't have to trust blindly in the process where the calculated sound vision black box and expectations for accuracy. You can directly verify

• Accessibility
The U.S. Census Bureau surveying 47,593,000 Americans don't use their vote in the year 2014 and 53% of the respondents expressed "their inability to make it to the polls" as the main reason. Several other national surveys, including one conducted in the summer of 2016, which is consistent with these results. Votem guided by the dynamics of the voting public we serve include senior needs which include accessibility and readability of materials; people with disabilities who have a reasonable expectation of fair and respectful service that allows private, independent, sound and safe experience; a busy professional looking for an option to vote fits with their mobile lifestyle; citizens with different ethnic backgrounds and cultures that rely on the assistance of accessibility and language selector, and the sound of the future needs which may include things that have not been considered.

• Security
Security is the biggest risk to any electoral system. This represents the integrity of the voter, secrecy of votes, and the sanctity of the most basic foundation for democratic decision-making. The hacking allegations rocked the United States presidential election, 2016 and persist with increasing fears of tampering by a foreign country. Platform Votem's guarantees a voice Cast notes really immune to the changes.

• Transparency
It is not enough that our platform really fits so that the truth of this election, the public can be verified; by bringing the online standard for election transparency was also raised. The global community, from cryptography expert for certifying to the general public, external will be veterinarian, examine, reinforce, and ultimately improve our documentation and protocols. Transparency goes beyond the selection process itself as the core working principles of Votem's; This is truly a commitment to open and administrative software, platforms and processes, not just transparency as verified elections

Mobile transactions are long past the point of global adoption. With nearly 2 billion smartphones in use around the world, a significant and growing portion of banking, payment, shopping, and even filing taxes takes place digitally. But the sound remains stubbornly stuck in the past-depending on the combination of paper, help people, and free network hard disk. It is not a lack of effort or investment. Dozens of companies and entrepreneurs have tried to introduce voting online for more than a decade, but the number of votes compared to traditional sounds paltry online using traditional methods.

Barriers to mass adoption of online voting include:
• The general election is the mission-critical processes
• Selection of complex
• a very tight Election
• The Election without a global standard

The function of the project platform Votem
• The voter Verification
• The authentication of voters
• Encrypting the vote
• Voting Styling
• Validation of the vote outside
• Decryption Ballout
• Anonymity of voters

Pre-sale will begin on February 27, 2018
It will end on March 29, 2018

The Name Token: VAST
Platform: Ethereum
Purchase: ETH
ICO price: 1 VAST = $0.5
Total: 300 million to supply VAST

  • Pete Martin, CEO
  • Bob Stewart, CTO
  • Dave Wallick, Director of Testing and Certification
  • Srini Kandikattu, VP Engineering
  • Dr. Kun Peng, e-Voting Security Architect
  • plus the Votem advisers

Technical Advisors

Token Sale Advisors

For more information visit the link below:

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ICO 1079679873289520580

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