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When we want to go somewhere by using airplanes, trains and other means of transportation, of course, we will be faced with a very crowded ...

When we want to go somewhere by using airplanes, trains and other means of transportation, of course, we will be faced with a very crowded place and have to wait for the hour of departure. This will certainly make us more bored while waiting for the departure schedule. Rest areas are provided of course only elongated chairs that are less comfortable if you have to wait too long.

Well, all the problems will be overcome by the latest ICO Project that will make us comfortable while waiting. The project is AIRPOD which is a project for resting place with many facilities that will relax us while waiting for departure schedule.

For more details about Project ICO AIRPOD you can listen to the explanation below:

Airpod Implement Blockchain Technology For Payment Process
Who does not know about current blockchain technology? The blockchain is a ledger that will record all public transactions on a regular basis transparent and can not be changed by anyone. The Airpod project uses blockchain as a DApp (Decentralized Application Platform) developer platform that will manage all financial management and control individual Airpods. People who want to rent Aipod must use Token as the rental fee for the airpod they choose. Thus, Aripod's business development will grow by implementing blockchain technology, as all transactions are recorded safely and transparently.
 Complete Features Provide Airpod
Application of advanced technology as well as with futuristic Airpod design, of course, the features provided are also complete, can support our activities while waiting for flight schedules.
Below are some of the features provided for Airpod users:
  •  Free Quality Wifi Network
  •  Provided a work desk
  •  Airpod equipped with Anti-Stress technology (Sound, Visual and Aroma comfortable)
  •  Power socket for charging your phone
  •  Alarm for the next departure
  •  Safe storage
  •  Self-disinfection system
  •  The business behind the project

About Sales of AIRPOD Token
Pre Sales Stage

Allocation for Pre-Sales at up to 140,000,000 APOD (APOD tokens sold in the Initial Stage will be deducted from this amount) will be assigned to this stage. Approximately. $ 11.3 million will be collected in this process.
 Phase time frame: Will be announced
 Minimum investment = 1 ETH
 Maximum Investment = 300 ETH

 About Crowdsale
  • Will start in April 2018
  • For the end, crowdsale will be announced
  • Will distribution is done as soon as crowdsale finishes
  • Accept payments using ETH
  • Soft cap $ 2.7 million
  • Hard cap $ 20,000,000
The Crowdsale Stage (ICO)
All unsold APOD tokens will switch to this phase. A total of 200,000,000 APOD tokens will be marketed in this phase. Tokens marketed in the Pre-Sale Phase will be deducted from this phase.
 Phase time frame: The phase to be announced is public, open to all individuals who interested (obedient to KYC)
  •  About Tokens
  •  Name: Airpod Token
  •  Symbol Token: ARPOD
  •  ICO price: $ 0.10
  •  Token Type: ERC20
  •  Supplay Token: 250,000,000
  •  The token will be public: 200,000,000
Distribution of Tokens
The APOD Token will be distributed with the total method of Cap 250,000,000 APOD and 100% Token will be distributed to:
  •  Airdrop: 1000,000 APOD 0.4%
  •  Place of company reserve - liquidity: 2,000,000 APOD 0.8%
  •  Advisory, Ambassador: 3,000,000 APOD 1.2%
  •  Bounty Campaign: Hingaa 5,000,000 APOD 2%
  •  Supporting & Contracting Funds: 9,000,000 APOD 3.6%
  •  Founder: 30,000,000 APOD 12%
  •  Crowdsale: 200,000,000 APOD 80%
 Allocation For Funds
  •  61% for Production and distribution
  •  17% for Marketing
  •  15% for the Company's operations
  •  5% for DAPP Platform Development
  •  2% for the Law

Table For Bonus
At the pre-sale stage we will give 30% bonus if the contributor get 2.7 million USD.
For the 18% bonus, we will provide if the pre-sale stage reaches above soft cap up to 140 million APOD Tokens which are pre-sale hard caps.

 Grega Mrgole: CEO, Co-founder
 Miha Meolic: COO, Co-founder
 Jaka Gornik: Marketing Advisor
 Jure Jakomin: Bounty Manager
 Miran Pavlic: Communications Manager
 Andrej Kregar: Product Development Manager
 Ales Jazbec: Tech & Visual Support
 Dejan Cerni: Technical Advisor
 Janez Skobe: Multimedia support
 Gregor Medved: Head of digital marketing
 Nina Arko: Graphic Designer
 Petra Znoj: Content Creator
 Drago Bilic: Manufacturing Process Supervisor
 Matic Kogovsek: Digital Marketing Strategist
 Tamara Likon: Creative product developer
 Uros Babnik: Creative product architect
 Andrej Senk: Industrial designer
 Karin Srakar: Product developer
 Misa Podpecan: Digital Media specialist
 Nadia Zorman: Digital Media specialist
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