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The development of ICO is currently growing rapidly and many ICO projects are constantly emerging. Many new innovations are developed by uti...

The development of ICO is currently growing rapidly and many ICO projects are constantly emerging. Many new innovations are developed by utilizing blockchain technology as a key technology that supports a decentralized project.
On this occasion, I will also discuss about the latest ICO project that is DocTailor. To find out about this DocTailor project you can listen to the discussion below: 

About DocTailor
Project DocTailor is a specially developed platform to enhance intelligent contract accessibility that has been customized to improve the ease of developing and building contracts, acquisition and intelligent distribution.
The DocTailor also adjusts to legal contract platforms that can make it possible to create and deliver contracts that are created in accordance with the terms of the agreement on the blockchain.

DocTailor Using Intelligent Contracts in Blockchain 
Can be seen in the graph above, only 13% apply technology to the work they develop. With the fact of the graph then there is something missing from the service that prevents widespread adoption. Needs redevelopment so that users are aware to develop technology on their work.

DocTailor Goal Set Up
With the limited technology currently in use by the people, Technology Developers focuses only on developing online exchanges and wallets and some smart contract services. In the first 3 months of 2016 demand for intelligent contract service services has increased by $ 116 million, but for now, demand is limited and in the near future it will increase two to three times.
  • Using P2P, B2B and B2C are customized to the needs
  • Provide facilities for the use of DocTailor token (DOCT) or other crypto tokens
  • Monitor and manage the contracts of smart and blockchain deployed
  • DocTailor offers a platform that can store, receive and transmit crypto and fiat currencies.

Problems Encountered
There are several issues that will be faced in the process of developing intelligent contract technology
  • High cost
  • Volatility is the amount of price that will show the fluctuation of the market in a certain period which is called the market mood, because the price can suddenly rise sharply and can go free at that time which means that there has been high Volatility.
  • Insufficient expertise
  • Concerns associated with consumer protection that can not be overcome.
Solutions ON Offer
By launching the Multi-Currency Wallet and customized crypto, the debit option by using a lot of backend liquidity is done to overcome the last mile adoption of the blockchain. The main key to blockchain entering into everyday life and activism is the ability to spread and build intelligent contacts.
These are some parts that should be in internal language
  • Protecting consumers against disputes and fraud - Standard digital payments using smart contract solutions
  • Offer service providers like Visa and Paypal 

DocTailor performs the deployment and development of smart contracts in order to perform multi-currency payments that can play a role in increasing the adoption of blockchain on a global scale.

Some Benefits of Joining DocTailor
  • Making new contracts is done quickly and more efficiently
  • Users can choose more than 10,000 legal contracts that have been made previously
  • The selected clause can be combined with a structured document
  • Documents created can be saved in various files such as Word, XML, PDF and HTML
  • Documents created can be managed and stored online if needed
  • Templates will be stored on the blockchain to keep it clear and transparent
  • As a user you can monitor participation and usage contract
  • Implementing a secure agreement that will protect both parties
  • Signature is used to mark contract documents
About Token and ICO DocTailor

- Token Name: DOCT
- Platform: Ethereum ERC20
- Payment: BTC and ETH
- Blockchain: Ethereal
- Total Supplay: 500.000.000 DOCT
- Token sale and bonus: 350.000.000 DOCT
- Price of ICO: 2700 DOCT = 1 ETH
- Date of ICO at start: March 31, 2018

ROADMAP DocTailor 


ICO 9080088990020450916

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