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Currently, crypto technology has become a mandatory technology that is used for all kinds of projects ranging from social media to commerce...

Currently, crypto technology has become a mandatory technology that is used for all kinds of projects ranging from social media to commerce. The new platform that combines social media/places to interact with others with trading and buying activities is BUZAR. 

Buzar is a platform that combines social media and the world of commerce. In social media, we will find our friends, relatives and new people we do not know. We can greet them by interacting with the BUZAR application platform.
In addition to social interaction, the BUZAR platform also has been provided with the world of commerce, which can facilitate you in selling and buying goods you want or your needs every day.
This multifunctional platform will make your social relationships closer and more alive, and the business you develop will continue uninterruptedly with the social media world. A combination of social media and the world of commerce is a combination that fits and can be called the Universal Super-Marketplace. The BUZAR team strives to provide the best in security issues, a multifunctional service system and a simple and easy-to-understand interface for new users. 

Super-Marketplace With Complete Features
The Buzar platform will develop a transparent and trustworthy super-marketplace. Buzar will implement Universal E-Commerce which will make it easier to trade include: 

  • You can open your own Online Store within BUZAR platform and will be accepted if it has been identified by BUZAR.
  • Sale and purchase activities of goods and services will be guaranteed safe by using B2C Smart Contract technology, B2B, and C2C.
  • Open an online auction shop and Bulletin
  • Companies working under the Brand Olga Buzova will get Discounts and loyalty programs from partner companies and services as already actively writing reviews products and services within the BUZAR platform.
  • In addition to the world of goods and services trade, BUZAR platform will provide a crypto currency exchange service that can exchange BUZCOIN with other crypto currencies.
  • Provide Real Estate rental and sale services by applying the rating and verification system of the participants.
  • For those who do not have a job, BUZAR platform will provide job search services by applying the system of assessment and verification of job seekers.
  • BUZCOIN cryptocurrency can be sent without intermediaries. BUZAR platform uses P2P payment technology that will facilitate in sending BUZCOIN cryptocurrency. 

The Workings Of The Platform BUZAR
By using BUZAR application you will save the use of social media applications and E-Commerce applications. In one application you can use 2 features at once ie social media and online trading. Sites like Aliexpress, Amazon, and others you can visit with using BUZAR app. Simply install BUZAR application and buy some BUZCOIN you can enjoy some functions below:
  • Exchange of text messages and video calls.
  • Create your own social network and group network.
  • Send encrypted private messages like safer photos, videos, and text and video calls.
  • One application can connect you to hundreds of company services directly using the BUZAR platform.
  • Sharing videos and streaming using your own copyright. 
  • Music and online music storage service with copyright itself and will receive payment for its users. 
  • Order concert tickets for Olga BUZOVA and other concert partners easily.

Profitable Investment with BUZCOIN
Buzcoin is a BUZAR platform cryptocurrency that is used for services that exist within the platform. You can use BUZCOIN and spend it on products and services you have provided. 

BUZCOIN using ERC20 ethereum platform.
Price 1 BUZCOIN = $ 0.1 USD
the minimum purchase of tokens is $ 10 for each participant.
Hardcap BIZCOIN 210 Mln
Payment to be received BTC, ETH, XRP, DASH, LTC.
Pre-ICO Public will start on April 18, 2018 - May 18, 2018,
Pre-Sale Public will start on June 18, 2018 - September 16, 2018,
ICO token sales will continue for 90 days until hardcap is reached.

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