Zixx - Premium Third-generation Masternode Cryptocurrency

World cryptocurrency is currently growing with more advanced technologies and more secure. Transactions in doing cryptocurrency will be on ...

World cryptocurrency is currently growing with more advanced technologies and more secure. Transactions in doing cryptocurrency will be on the record to the great book that became the main technology cryptocurrency technology Blockchain. Blockchain will record all transactions ever made, can be viewed by anyone or transparent and can not be deleted by anyone.

Speaking of Cryptocurrency, here we will introduce the project cryptocurrency that has premium generation technology that will give you a quote transaction easier instant, secure, and private. The project is Zixx.
For more details you can follow the explanations below:

Zixx Premium Generation Cryptocurrency
Zixx is the third generation of cryptocurrency special offer because secured transactions as the default. Transactions that do more easy and instant and confidentiality will be maintained. Emission levels on zixx are very low. Rewards are given by Zixx higher and maximum supply low. Zixx has also become a charity project with an experienced team and work fulltime.

Zixx in coins created to avoid volatility the high and offered a reward for the investorya. Prize 80% will get in by holder Masternodes Zixx. The demand for very high Zixx and pre-order sales Launch attracted the attention of all investors. That makes great again makin Zixx is the amount of a particular node in particular will generate a gift which is then given to the charity, so Zixx project will provide positive effects for all.

A memorable experience will at present by zixx since AIDS with a team of developers who dedicated his life to the project purpose Zixx. Zixx using everybody can run Masternodes very easily.

Zixx As Project Charity
On the above explanation we've explained Zixx also had goals for Project Charity. This is what makes Zixx more special in the appeal of other similar project. Every Member of the community of Zixx can file a registered charity for funding. Charity Fund will be allocated funds will be held by the holder of the Masternode. In a 6 month term the number of nodes must reach the charity from 15 when the proposition and voting at the start.

Zixx Coin Specifications
Coins per node
: 1,000 XZX
Coins per block
: 5
Coin distribution
: 80 / 10 / 10
Maximum coin supply
: 22 million coins
Coin emission
: ~ 100k per month
: Neoscrypt (ASIC resistant)
Block time
: 2 minutes per block
Block reduction
: 10% p.a. until 1 XZX per block (~ 16 years)

Distributing Reward Zixx
80% allocated to holders of Masternode
10% allocated to Miners
10% is allocated to peneitian and development

Conclusion & Advantages Zixx
Then I can deduce some excess Zixx that make it special:
-Zixx-in order to avoid creating high volatility
-the transaction is safe, quick and instant
-low emission levels
-80% Reward will be given on the holder of the Masternode Zixx
-as a charitable Project, because a number of the nodes will result in specialized gifts to charity.


More Information visit the link below:


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