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IOWN is a Blockchain Based Investment Project released to bridge the hole among Investors and Businesses searching for funding. The IOWN ve...

IOWN is a Blockchain Based Investment Project released to bridge the hole among Investors and Businesses searching for funding. The IOWN venture is a market the position customers can pick from diversified investment alternatives indexed at the Project. Users shall be capable to make use of the IOWN Token to entry the providers said above from the IOWN Platform and merit from different services. The IOWN venture will supply consumer news and recordsdata about diversified investment opportunities.

IOWN Token feature
Blockchain technology and crowdfunding, NULL phrases that have replaced the area economic system as we all recognize it. On the only hand, we've Blockchain technology, which permits the advent of a decentralized monetary infrastructure that adds extra privacy, security, transparency and efficiency than different standard monetary systems. On the different hand, the crowdfunding phenomenon has allowed small suggestions that promise to switch huge tasks and companies by offering simpler money for these who lead the area in phrases of innovation.

 In the IOWN Group, we've witnessed this switch and we trust they represent a fast-developing and certain influence. The IOWN Group combines the advantages of Blockchain technology and the crowdfunding idea to create a brand new Blockchain-powered crowdfunding venture which will attach investors with innovators.

 IOWN overcomes shortcomings and shortcomings within the method investments happen and are treated within the recent monetary system. Business house proprietors who intend to augment their manufacturer typically want loans to fund their plans, however, they nearly at all times face strict procedures, monetary implications and barriers that keep away from them from understanding their goals. IOWN goals folks with entry to sufficient capital who're watching for opportunities to make investments in winning and risk-free tasks but who has no ride and knowledge, or time to make such an investment.

IOWN is a Blockchain technology venture that was released to role as a remedy for such instances and to pave the method for industry house proprietors and investors to meet within the virtual market and growth their opportunities to get money and make clever investments, respectively.

 IOWN adds simple entry for folks to turn into area of a industry that runs trusted (or promising startup) with minimum attempt and optimum value. We convert clever suggestions into actual businesses; we supply virtual help to industry house proprietors to improve, augment and market their companies permitting them to generate extra money and to share their success with everyone.

 IOWN handles this difficulty in NULL ways: Digital tasks supported by a accomplished Blockchain and Ecosystem. Concept twins will modernize and simplify investment opportunities by way of decentralized markets that could be accessed by all sorts of customers (from commerce beginners to experts) and industry house proprietors worldwide. For this reason, we've classified the execution job into here sections:

 IOWN Project - the middle device and central region for industry campaigns, fundraising and governance. Project money shall be collected by way of a international funding campaign, and as a present to funders of the IOWN Project, all participants could have the possibility to make use of tokens bought to merit from Project providers after release.
 IOWN Ecosystem - Ecosystem will speak the implementation of iOWN platform services. Users can entry the Project and pick the providers they're interested in. IOWN Ecosystem will then digitally and physically habits transactions and supply provider effects to customers within the variety of Token and IOWN Smart Agreement. IOWN Tokens are Tokens passive, non-transferable and unlimited stock that would no longer have a tradable API key. This is issued by the IOWN Ecosystem and represents the proper to obtain sales from the Business campaign.

 About Tokens (IOWNTOKEN)
 Token name: iOWN
 Type: utility-token
 Standard tokens: ERC-20
 Price of tokens in USD: 1 iOWN = 0.01 USD
 Currency received: USD
 Supply of tokens: 400,000,000 iOWN
 Total tokens sold: 300,000,000 iOWN
 Soft cap: 1,200,000 USD
 Hard stamp: 3,000,000 USD

 67% - Public
 13% - Company Reserves
 12% - Bounty Program
 2% - Advisor
 6% - Founder and Team

 Budget allocation:
 22% - Platform
 40% - Law and Compliance
 10% - List of exchanges
 11% - Marketing
 13% - Liquidity
 4% - R & D

Bitcointalk username: taufik123
Bitcointalk profile link:;u=831523
Telegram username: @taufikrubikerz
ETH address: 0x470234E7E3e386f519BaCEBfe6ebfd239d0d6133


ICO 8720680674247943842

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